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Delivering comprehensive and reliable talent insights

People are an organisations' backbone and heart. Talent strategies need to be carefully thought out and developed to ensure the overall organisational vision is achieved.

Our global assessment solutions provide organisations with a clear understanding of where their existing talent is positioned, who the high potentials are and where the gaps exist. We then strategise with our clients by providing consultancy advise on ‘best practice’ solutions to bridge the gaps.

Backed by over 24 years of experience, we use a scientific approach to support organisations with their talent acquisition and development strategies. This empowers organisations to invest more strategically in their people. Our solutions can be filtered by industry, function, job level, strategic priorities, culture and values. We use a battery of global assessment tools, to support organisations in making key strategic decisions.

Why Career Connections?

Talent Acquisition

An organisation’s success relies on its people. Talent makes strategy and culture come to life. This drives investment in making the right talent decisions. The main objective for all selection campaigns is to decide on the most suitable candidate from a pool of equally qualified candidates in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

For over two decades, we have supported organisations across the region to build robust selection strategies, from entry level positions to Executive level positions. In doing so we ensure best practice, objectivity, fairness and transparency as part of the process. All our assessments are available virtually, including invigilated exercises, to save you time and costs in the hiring process.

How can we support you?
  • Use of scientifically researched and validated assessments that are considered ‘best in class’ globally
  • Deploying East Africa’s largest range of assessments which are level, industry and functional specific
  • Competency based interview provision or training of interviewers
  • Ability to assess talent against key competencies, from our framework of 62 defined competencies
  • In-depth data analysis on trends and performance to allow organisations to make critical decisions
  • Benchmarking your data to global and local norms - we have the largest data set in East Africa, allowing you to quickly compare to relevant positions, functions and sectors
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The business environment is constantly impacted with considerable and unexpected change, and in order for organisations to survive this volatility, strategic decisions need to made with regards to talent. Organisations are often left grappling with issues such as workforce planning and the benefits and costs of conducting a reorganisation campaign.

Career Connections has built a strong reputation for supporting organisations in various sectors to design restructuring and reorganisation solutions founded on best practice.

We can support you by:
  • Facilitating detailed scoping and contextualising conversations to ensure the process is bespoke to your organisational requirements, taking your strategy and vision into consideration
  • Using a range of competency, skills and behavioural assessments focused on talent’s current performance and future potential
  • Benchmarking scores against relevant data from similar positions, functions, organisations
  • Advising you on who fits where within your redesigned structure and where your succession and talent strengths and gaps are within the team or organisation
  • Linking the assessment process into a development journey for the talent you retain
  • Offering outplacement services for individuals who will be leaving
  • All our assessments are available virtually, including invigilated exercises, allowing quick and efficient deployment when reorganising a team or organisation
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In order for organisations to build talent, it is critical to identify and develop high potential candidates with the attributes required to take the organisation to the next level for the future. Managerial skills are gained and developed from experience and in order to do this, many organisations have management, young professional or graduate trainee’ programmes designed to equip future leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective in their position.

Career Connections has supported organisations in attracting talent across the region by creating customised Programmes that fit their specific needs and corporate strategies.

How can we support you?
  • By building a customised application tracking system that is suited to the programme needs, helping us shortlist and rank applicants quickly
  • Deploying scientifically proven online tools designed specifically for graduate candidate evaluation
  • Competency assessments based on your organisational competency framework
  • Identification of high potential candidates compared to graduate benchmarking data
  • End to end administrative support for all applicants, assessment and interview processes
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Talent Development

Organisational growth is rooted in the people. Continuous talent development is vital to enable leaders, managers and even individual contributors to tackle various business challenges with confidence. Over the past two decades, Career Connections has built extensive experience in the implementation and evaluation of development-focused interventions at all levels of management.

We believe in the total uniqueness of each organisation and its people. For this reason, we support each organisation by creating leadership development programmes that are adapted to organisational needs.

Our custom programmes are designed to:
  • Build self-awareness
  • Craft clear personal development journeys
  • Identify specific development interventions for each leader using the 70:20:10 model of learning
  • Create development support structures for leaders within the organisation
  • Cultivate sustainable, positive outcomes that lead to improved performance
  • Tracking progress by measuring the degree of change post development interventions
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Succession planning has been amongst the biggest challenge for many organisations, particularly with the unpredictability of today’s business world. Designing a clear succession plan is nonetheless a critical aspect of workforce planning.

Through our partnerships and alliances with global assessment and talent leaders, we help our clients craft succession plans that are founded upon years of research and tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. We will help you identify talent that best aligns to your organisations talent strategy and answer questions such as - should we build talent from within, or buy it?

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Increasingly, organisations are realising the benefits of running high potential (Hi-Po) programmes that objectively identify and provide support for their ‘rising-stars’ and equip them with clear and concise development plans. Today, the stakes are even higher with Hi-Po programmes becoming ever more competitive.

Over the years, we have supported multiple organisations across various industry sectors in the design and facilitation of revolutionary high potential programmes. We leverage upon decades of research, by our partners and from our decades of experience in Africa, to provide our clients with world class Hi-Po programme solutions.

We will support you to:
  • Measurably and scientifically identify future leaders (high potential talent)
  • Tap into world class learning solutions to keep your high potentials engaged
  • Provide a transformation experience that drives cross-functional integration
  • Engage senior leaders in the organisation to support the high potential candidates in the development journey
  • Monitor and evaluate behavioural change of the talent on the programme
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To achieve maximum effectiveness, it is important for teams to understand the contribution of each individual, and in turn their impact on the team. Through the use of assessments, we support individuals to identify their role within their team, their de-railing behaviours when under pressure and what kind of a culture they are cultivating as leaders.

Therefore, our team solutions enable groups of leaders to assess whether they are focused on the right things; what dysfunctions are likely to arise when the team is under pressure, and whether the culture created by the team is aligned to organisational values. Our team development programmes are geared towards facilitating the team to design informed action-planning and decision-making.

We support organisations to:
  • Design customised team development programmes
  • Identify team strengths and outline team development gaps
  • Leverage on collective team values
  • Drive cross-functional team engagement
  • Craft specific, measurable, attainable and time-specific action plans
  • Create support structures that allow teams to develop and thrive
  • Leverage on systemic team coaching as part of the process
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Career Connections is an authorised distributor of Hogan Assessments in East Africa. We are also an accredited facilitator of the Hogan Assessments Certification Programmes geared toward imparting skills for interpretation of Hogan psychometric assessments for both selection and development. From this certification programme, participants get the skills to provide feedback on the Hogan Assessment Systems core psychometric assessments.

This programme is ideal for: Talent Managers | Consultants | HR Practitioners | Learning and Development Specialists | ExecutiveCoaches | I/O Psychologists.

The contents of this programme revolve around:
  • The impact of personality on reputation at work
  • Personality perspectives of values, the ‘bright-side’ and ‘dark-side’ of personality
  • Understanding how to interpret the scales and sub-scales of the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) and the Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
  • How to identify themes and relationships across the three assessments tool
  • How to design and apply an effect feedback structure
  • Applying Hogan’s tools in selection and development activities
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Competency Based Interviews (CBI) remain among the most objective selection processes available to hiring managers. These interviews are valued for their versatility and applicability. You can effortlessly adapt CBI to fit the specific needs of your organisations, and we offer an additional service where you can access thousands of competency and level specific CBI questions from our resource centre. As practitioners, we have been involved in the designed and implementation of CBI for clients on a pan-African scale. Additionally, we support organisations to build internal capacity to be able to facilitate these interviews.

The CBI interview programme is best suited for: Human Resources Practitioners | Talent Managers | Mid and Senior Management Teams | Any individuals who are actively involved in in recruitment activities specifically running interview panels.

By the end of this programmes practitioners are able to:
  • Prepare for CBI Interviews by selecting the most ideal competencies and questions designed for that level
  • Demonstrate ability to use CBI techniques
  • Demonstrate how to evaluate information gathered from a CBI to support effective selection decision-making
  • Facilitate interviews maintaining best practise particularly against discrimination and subjectivity
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Helping us deliver exceptional world-class services


Madeleine Dunford

Founder & Managing Director

Madeleine Dunford

Founder & Managing Director


Madeleine Dunford is the Founding Director and Managing Director of Career Connections. She is accredited in various assessment methodologies including Hogan Assessment Systems, Morrisby Profile, Assessment & Development Centres and the Leadership Versatility Index, having introduced the tools into Africa. She brings 22 years of experience in consultancy, putting together large selection, restructuring and development programs for some of the most successful organisations in the banking, airline, telecommunications sectors. She is an accredited Executive Coach and a faculty member of the Academy of Executive Coaching UK. Her qualifications include BA (Hons) from the University of York and an MSc. (with distinction) from Edinburgh University. ‍

Amrita Choda

Lead Consultant, Talent Analytics and Advisory

Amrita Choda

Lead Consultant, Talent Analytics and Advisory


Amrita Choda is Lead Consultant Assessment Services for Career Connections. In this capacity, she supports multi-nationals and large local organisations in managing and developing talent from selection, recruitment, on-boarding, development and outplacement. Amrita is certified from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), UK, in the Executive Certificate in Coaching for Managers and the Assessment & Development Consultants (A&DC), UK, in the Assessor Skills Training, the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI), USA, and Hogan Assessment Systems (HAS), USA. Amrita has over 11 years work experience both locally and internationally, 2 of those years were spent in the U.K. in the Not for Profit Sector and Retail Sector. She holds a BA (Hons) Business Administration from the University of Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK. Majoring in Human Resource Management, Employee Relations, Market Research and New Product Development. As part of Amrita’s experience, she led a team of twenty five employees for six years. Here she was in charge of Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management and Corporate Sales of the organisation.‍

Gicheha Gitau

Consultant, Talent Analytics and Advisory

Gicheha Gitau

Consultant, Talent Analytics and Advisory


Gicheha Gitau is a Consultant in Assessment Services who for over 5 years has supported organisations in understanding the talent needs and how best to explore human potential for effective individual and organisational performance and growth. Gicheha believes in data driven insights in selection and employee development by guaranteeing fairness, fit and global best practice through the use of psychometric and behavioural work simulation assessment solutions. In his time at Career Connections, Gicheha has been involved in various assignments with local and multinational clients to support in candidate selection, restructuring/reorganisation, pilot assessment, panel interviews, young professional programmes, and conducting developmental feedback. Gicheha is certified internationally by Hogan Assessments Systems (USA), certified Assessor by PSI A&DC (UK) and holds a certificate in Coaching Skills from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), UK. Gicheha holds a degree in Bachelor of Psychology from Egerton University.