People Analytics

An integrated ecosystem providing all-round insights into your people strategy

Most businesses struggle to make actionable data available, let alone convert it into business value. The data challenge for HR ranges from data availability to technical challenges, ROI, and privacy and legal concerns.

The Data Opportunity

Our People Analytics solution provides data integration and cutting-edge technology to transform your people data into actionable insights to maximize your decision-making on the best fit talent.

We work to understand your talent by providing valuable workforce insights that empower HR executives to make better decisions, improve efficiency, and drive business outcomes. Take advantage of your people data to identify, attract, develop, and retain the best possible talent that drive business results.
  • Can help differentiate a company from crowded marketplace
  • Can attract customers who are looking to partner with companies that align with their own values
  • Provide direction and motivation for employees resulting in increased employee engagement and retention  

How we help our clients with People Analytics

Benchmark key talent across levels and industries

We provide our clients access to the latest tools that are globally normed and can be used to benchmark key talent across various levels and industries by leveraging our portfolio of best in class psychometric assessment tools.

Improve their future workforce demands with predictive analytics

People analytics can aid in understanding talent demand and forecasting future workforce requirements, using predictive analytics to identify trends, potential issues, and take proactive measures to address them.

Better their diversity and inclusion strategies with the changing world

We empower our clients to identify areas for improvement in terms of diversity and inclusion and develop strategies to address them.

Deliver with smarter decision-making insights

We help clients make more informed workforce management decisions by analyzing data on employee performance, recruitment, leadership development, and other aspects of the employee life cycle; together with identifying inefficiencies in their talent management and developing strategies to address them.

25 years of regional experience
Understanding of local and regional talent
Largest dataset on psychometric assessments and leadership competencies
Dedicated team of people analytics, talent acquisition, leadership development, and coaching experts
Client-centric data and custom benchmarks per role, level, and industry
A focus on ethics and data governance in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the GDPR


Evaluating individual capability using the 5 Discovery Skills of Innovation (associational thinking, questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting) to develop the key behaviours practiced by innovative people.


Hands-on and experiential training with first-hand experience in application to real-world challenges including Innovators DNA, customer immersion and empathy, experimenting and prototyping, business model innovation, and Innovators Philosophy.

Innovators Accelerator

An experiential learning solution to help develop innovation capability, designed using state of the art learning technologies.

Innovation Sprints

2-week long sessions that apply the innovation method to current organisation initiatives providing teams with deep exposure to customer needs and pain points and developing a range of potential solutions through rapid experimenting and prototyping.

Innovation Journeys

intensive application of an innovation method to capture highly strategic and disruptive opportunities. Dedicated teams spend 4 to 5 months in deep immersion with hundreds of customer interactions, experimenting and prototyping on multiple solutions and developing innovative go-to-market strategies.

Download the Innovator's Accelerator Factsheet for more information


Leverage data for your future workforce

Let's work together to propel your business forward using People Analytics

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Madeleine Dunford


Madeleine Dunford



Madeleine Dunford is the Founder of Career Connections. She is accredited in various assessment methodologies including Hogan Assessment Systems, Morrisby Profile, Assessment & Development Centres and the Leadership Versatility Index, having introduced the tools into Africa. She brings 24 years of experience in consultancy, putting together large selection, restructuring and development programs for some of the most successful organisations in the banking, airline, telecommunications sectors. She is an ICF accredited Executive Coach, a faculty member of the Academy of Executive Coaching, UK, and is currently doing her Systemic Team Coaching Masters Practitioner qualifications. She has a BA (Hons) from the University of York, an MSc (with distinction) from the University of Edinburgh, and a Certificate in the Art and Practise of Leadership Development from the University of Harvard.

Amrita Choda

Client Partner, Talent Advisory

Amrita Choda

Client Partner, Talent Advisory


Amrita Choda is a Client Partner in the Talent Advisory unit at Career Connections. In this capacity, she supports multi-nationals and large local organisations in managing and developing talent from selection, recruitment of senior management, on-boarding, restructuring, reorganisation and outplacement. ​ Amrita is certified from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), UK, in the Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching and Systemic Team Coaching. She is certified by PSI A&DC in the Assessor Skills Training, the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI), USA, and Hogan Assessment Systems (HAS), USA. She is a trained facilitator of the Assessor Skills Training programme and the Competency Based Interviewing Skills Certification.​ Amrita has over 15 years work experience both locally and internationally in diverse industry sectors. She holds a BA (Hons) Business Administration from the University of Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK. Majoring in Human Resource Management, Employee Relations, Market Research and New Product Development. ​

Gicheha Gitau

Senior Principal, People Analytics

Gicheha Gitau

Senior Principal, People Analytics


Gicheha Gitau is a Senior Principal in People Analytics, under the Talent Advisory unit at Career Connections, who for over 5 years has supported organisations in understanding and evaluating the talent needs and how best to explore human potential for effective individual and organisational performance and growth.​ He believes in data-driven insights in sourcing, recruitment, selection and employee development by guaranteeing fairness, validity and global best practice. Gicheha utilizes standard psychometric tests such as personality, cognitive/ability, and behavioural work simulations.​ ​ In his time at Career Connections, he has been involved in various assignments with local and multinational clients to support in professional search, candidate selection, restructuring/reorganisation, pilot assessment, panel interviews, young professional programmes, and conducting developmental feedback.​ ​ Gicheha is internationally certified in People Analytics by the Academy of Innovative HR (AIHR), Hogan Assessments Systems (USA), certified Assessor by PSI A&DC (UK) and holds a certificate in Coaching Skills from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), UK. ​ Gicheha holds a degree in Bachelor of Psychology from Egerton University.​