Presence-Based Change

Most learning methodologies focus on the past and in these times of unprecedented disruption we often find the old paradigms, frameworks and methodologies our rapidly out of date.

Being a leader in these disruptive times demands overcoming these blind spots, shifting from a personal, individual-approach to a collective awareness. After all, the primary job of leadership is to help people discover the power of seeing and seeing together as the future emerges.

Presence-based change is a methodology that helps leaders break through past unproductive patterns of behaviour that prevent them empathising with customer perspectives and often locks them into ineffective patterns of decision-making. Using a more presence-based approach helps leaders with profound change in the context of rapidly changing environments by building on their personal capacity to sense and seize emerging future opportunities, and shift to a more collective group-centred eco-system awareness.

Using presencing technology (combining “sensing” or feeling the future potential and “presence” or the state of being in the present moment), leaders begin to see what they didn’t see before and at the same time see their part in maintaining and defaulting to past patterns and thinking, and real change begins to occur.

The presencing approach to change includes:

  • Action-learning that deal with strategic challenges of the organisation
  • Deep-dive journeys to explore contexts that matter
  • Creative art-based practice fields for developing new skills
  • Tools and techniques for producing generative dialogue and deep listening
  • Practices for connecting with the course of one’s best future self
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