Digital Leadership for Disruption

Change-makers for the New Reality

Leaders today are finding it challenging to cope with the increasing pace, scale and unpredictability of change. Shifts caused by technology, globalisation and innovation have revolutionised the idea of the competitive landscape, whilst digital has transformed how industries operate.

The combined impact of the disruptive forces and global mega trends caused by the Covid-19 crises have forced organisations to evolve rapidly, making leadership even more crucial to their continued success.

Future-ready leadership is critical for organisations to thrive in these choppy waters, adapting to the changing environments, leading business model innovation and operational transformation, capitalising on the flow of knowledge and creating opportunities.

Digital Leadership for Disruption is developed as an approach to digital leadership that holds and activates transformational change in a virtual environment.

Using systems-thinking and awareness-based leadership tools, it helps participants to use embodied learning (mental, emotional and physical) in a virtual environment. Focused on the new mode of high-performance leadership, building on existing concepts of agility, digital and innovation leadership, but also emerging principles centred around disruption, purpose and resilience. It targets the human side of the digital transformation, offering a transformational learning environment.

The programme provides learning, insights and practices to help leaders pivot and adapt to environments characterised by disruption. It helps executives to connect with a more purpose-driven and future-focused leadership, and supports the change process with the aid of a coach. Helping leaders become more self-aware, appreciating their strengths and gaps, the programme encompasses specific assessments in the key components, and blends together experiential learning on skills, competencies and behaviours.

It is designed as a ‘living process’ that interweaves an ‘inhale’ week of learning with ‘exhale’ offline week for reflection and team and individual coaching, utilising hubs or sub-streams to help participants to work on application from the programme.

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