Leading from the Future

We live in a time of unprecedented disruption and at the same time massive institutional failure in which we collectively create results we do not want.

Leaders often feel stuck, unable to redirect change in any significant and constructive way. Part of the problem is the way we approach what we “know” and do, typically learning from experiences of the past. Often leadership focuses on creating change at the level of symptoms and structures, and not at the deeper levels of underlying paradigms of thought, connecting to deeper sources of creativity and self.

These times call for a new consciousness and new collective leadership capacity to meet these challenges in a more aware, intentional, and strategic way. We need a process that helps individuals, teams, organisations and larger systems to build essential leadership capacity address the root causes of today’s organisational, social and economic challenges.

Being a leader in these disruptive times demands overcoming these blind spots, shifting from a personal, individual-approach to a collective awareness. After all, the primary job of leadership is to help people discover the power of seeing and seeing together as the future emerges.

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