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Developing senior and middle management is critical for the bench strength of a C-suite, and yet most organisations fail to put in place the right interventions for succession planning, high-potential development, and talent acquisition that builds this pipeline of talent.

Beyond technical and functional experience, leadership potential in senior and middle management translates to a competitive advantage and retention of talented employees.

Talent Force has been designed to help clients use a robust process, that builds on our expertise and research over the last 19 years, to provide an efficient and effective recruitment process at senior and middle management levels, that not only focuses on fit to a role but potential for the future.

To ensure we select your future leaders, we use a research-based model for identifying high-potential talent which focuses on three critical dimensions of emergence, effectiveness, and leadership foundations.

These are the characteristics that effective leaders require in high-pressure situations and environments.

The Process

Talent Force is built on a process of Align, Attract, Assess and Agree:


To ensure that senior and middle management hires are based on a sound understanding of the organisation strategy, the process commences with a detailed discussion to understand organisational context and to derive requirements and parameters for the recruitment process and develop a detailed recruitment strategy.


Through research and mapping potential candidates through the use of strategic networks and sources to provide a range of referrals of suitable candidates.

Evaluating candidates to determine their fit to the role.


Using best-in-class assessment tools founded on solid research ensuring objectivity, transparency, and fairness as part of the process. Our tools specifically identify leadership potential by detailing inherent personality characteristics which contribute to the achievement of goals and desires.

The tools can predict a leader’s approach to work along with behavioural and leadership implications, competency analysis, and development recommendations.


On the most suitable candidate based on a structured evaluation, background checks and reference checks.

To achieve high performance, the candidate must begin with a clear view of their existing strengths and their development needs. Being self-aware allows high-potential employees to understand the impact that people and situations have on them. They also observe the effect they have on people and situations and use that knowledge to manage and influence people.

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