General Selection

Supporting organisations across the region to build robust selection strategies across different management levels.

An organisation’s success relies on its people. Talent makes strategy and culture come to life. This drives investment in making the right talent decisions.

The main objective for all selection campaigns is to decide on the most suitable candidate from a pool of equally qualified candidates in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

For over two decades, we have supported organisations across the region to build robust selection strategies, from entry level positions to Executive level positions. In doing so we ensure best practice, objectivity, fairness and transparency as part of the process.

All our assessments are available virtually, including invigilated exercises, to save you time and costs in the hiring process.

How can we support you?

  • Use of scientifically researched and validated assessments that are considered ‘best in class’ globally
  • Deploying East Africa’s largest range of assessments which are level, industry and functional specific
  • Competency based interview provision or training of interviewers
  • Ability to assess talent against key competencies, from our framework of 62 defined competencies
  • In-depth data analysis on trends and performance to allow organisations to make critical decisions
  • Benchmarking your data to global and local norms - we have the largest data set in East Africa, allowing you to quickly compare to relevant positions, functions and sectors
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