Restructuring & Reorganisation

Supporting organisations to design restructuring and reorganisation solutions founded on best practice

The business environment is constantly impacted with considerable and unexpected change, and in order for organisations to survive this volatility, strategic decisions need to made with regards to talent.

Organisations are often left grappling with issues such as workforce planning and the benefits and costs of conducting a reorganisation campaign.

Career Connections has built a strong reputation for supporting organisations in various sectors to design restructuring and reorganisation solutions founded on best practice.

How can we support you?

  • Facilitating detailed scoping and contextualising conversations to ensure the process is bespoke to your organisational requirements, taking your strategy and vision into consideration
  • Using a range of competency, skills and behavioural assessments focused on talent’s current performance and future potential
  • Benchmarking scores against relevant data from similar positions, functions, organisations
  • Advising you on who fits where within your redesigned structure and where your succession and talent strengths and gaps are within the team or organisation
  • Linking the assessment process into a development journey for the talent you retain
  • Offering outplacement services for individuals who will be leaving
  • All our assessments are available virtually, including invigilated exercises, allowing quick and efficient deployment when reorganising a team or organisation
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