Competency-Based Interview Training

Supporting organisations on a pan-African scale in building internal capacity to be able to facilitate interviews

Competency-Based Interviews (CBI)  are a type of structured interview, where candidates are asked to describe their actual experiences in relation to a set of pre-defined competencies. Initial questions are supported with follow-up questions (probes) that are specific and elicit the required evidence. This course is aimed at anyone who participates in interview panels and has little or no experience of conducting CBI. It may also be beneficial to those who have not previously had a chance to take part in a formal course on interviewing.

Research into CBI has proven that the use of this structured interview approach is more than twice as effective as conventional unstructured interviews. As practitioners, we have been involved in the design and implementation of CBI for clients on a pan-African scale. Additionally, we support organisations to build internal capacity to be able to facilitate these interviews. We have been fortunate to learn much from the experiences of our clients.

However, we have also encountered situations in which there has been an apparent lack of understanding of the key principles or important nuances associated with the interview process.

The CBI Training is a two-day intensive course that includes the background to CBI and practical interview sessions. This is an accredited course based on international training programmes provided by our partners, the PSI Assessment & Development Consultants, UK.

The CBI interview programme is best suited for:
Human Resources Practitioners | Talent Managers | Mid and Senior Management Teams | Any individuals who are actively involved in in recruitment activities specifically running interview panels.

CBI Training is offered based on client needs and requests.

By the end of this programme, practitioners are able to:

  • Explain how the CBI fit into the selection process of the organisation.
  • Prepare for CBI Interviews by selecting the most ideal competencies and questions designed for that level
  • Demonstrate ability to use CBI techniques
  • Demonstrate how to evaluate information gathered from a CBI to support effective selection decision-making
  • Review various methods of assessments and compare the CBI’s effectiveness.
  • Facilitate interviews maintaining best practise particularly against discrimination and subjectivity
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