Certificate in Professional Mentoring

Providing organisations with solutions to support and grow its people from within

Mentoring is one of the most powerful and impactful development methods an organisation can use to support and grow its people from within.

It brings significant, long-lasting and wide-ranging benefits not only to the mentees and mentors, but also to teams, the wider organisation as well as key third parties such as the mentees’ line manager.

Adopting a holistic approach to mentoring enables individuals and organisations to make positive change through a blend of support and challenge within a unique learning environment.

When an organisation has a strong pool of effective mentors, it has a further impact on the overall culture of the organisation. This programme is offered in Partnership with Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI).


The aim of professional mentoring is to empower executives, increase commitment, improve communication, and enhance their effectiveness as well as that of their teams. Mentoring has been associated with increased team empowerment and capacity development for leaders who benefit from these talent development interventions in building their capacity and driving performance. Group sizes are kept to a maximum of 15 to encourage greater development and attention to your needs.

The Certificate allows participants to:

  • Explore the origins and core concepts of mentoring – understanding the two main models of mentoring (sponsorship and developmental)and how to best use the models.
  • Differentiate mentoring and coaching - how they differ and how they can be used to support each other.
  • Understand the role of the mentor, mentee, and line manager in a mentoring relationship.
  • Realise how mentoring relationships evolve in the five phases; building rapport, clarifying purpose and direction, heightened learning, winding up, and moving on.
  • Go behind the mentoring core competencies and skills needed to have authentic mentoring conversations that lead to resourcefulness, and greater outcomes.
  • Understand appropriate situations to give feedback, advice, when it’s okay to give advice and when to give guidance.
  • Discover what can go wrong in a mentoring relationship and how to avoid it - the most common problems with mentoring relationships.
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Entry Requirements

This is a two-day program that allows participants to experience what it’s like to be a professional mentor and begin to understand the power and success of mentoring. We aim to equip new mentors with the skills and knowledge they will need to make the best use of a mentoring relationship.

The Programme includes:
1/2 day MasterClass | 2 days Mentoring Skills Development | 1/2 day Post-Course Review

The Certificate in Professional Mentoring Programme is scheduled based on client needs and requests.

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a bespoke Programme for your line manager and senior leaders