AoEC Systemic Team Coaching Certificate

Providing team coaching solutions to organisations to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty

Team Coaching is the next big evolution of the coaching profession. Now more than ever, organisations are looking at how to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty. But what is Team Coaching? How is it different from coaching individual team members, team facilitation, team building, team development, or action learning sets?

The AoEC's Approach
A key component of Team Coaching is working with the team as the client and individual members – including the leader, as a subset of the client system.

Stakeholder engagement, internally and externally as well as attention to the wider environmental context adds to the richness and complexity of the interactions. Coaching at this level is the hallmark of highly effective team coaching.

John Leary-Joyce, President and Founder of the Academy of ExecutiveCoaching (AoEC), has created an integrated model of Team Coaching that is at the centre of this three-day Systemic Team Coaching Certificate (STCC) workshop.

This team coaching training programme is for experienced coaches.

Programme Structure

The Systemic Team Coaching Certificate course is accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 19 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs). During this three-day workshop, the facilitator will outline a complex and systemic approach to team development that demands a wider range of competencies than individual coaching.

The STCC workshop is designed to:

  • Provide a rich didactic context in which participants discuss and debate different aspect of teamwork and team coaching.
  • Apply business role-plays and simulations to evoke the experiences of working in/as a team.
  • Facilitate exploration about the nature of leadership and followership both individually and collectively through exercises.
  • Expose participants to the experience of Sculpting and Constellations.
  • Provide participants an opportunity to be in a peer supervision group in which they will explore their team.
  • Work with a large group process as a way of engaging live with interpersonal dynamics and psychological models.
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