Team Development

Supporting organisations in designing informed action-planning and decision-making team solutions

To achieve maximum effectiveness, it is important for teams to understand the contribution of each individual, and in turn their impact on the team.

Through the use of assessments, we support individuals to identify their role within their team, their de-railing behaviours when under pressure and what kind of a culture they are cultivating as leaders.

Therefore, our team solutions enable groups of leaders to assess whether they are focused on the right things; what dysfunctions are likely to arise when the team is under pressure, and whether the culture created by the team is aligned to organisational values.

Our team development programmes are geared towards facilitating the team to design informed action-planning and decision-making.

We support organisations to:

  • Design customised team development programmes
  • Identify team strengths and outline team development gaps
  • Leverage on collective team values
  • Drive cross-functional team engagement
  • Craft specific, measurable, attainable and time-specific action plans
  • Create support structures that allow teams to develop and thrive
  • Leverage on systemic team coaching as part of the process
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