Coach Supervision

Providing a platform for reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and their coachees

Coach supervision is the interaction that occurs when executive and coaches periodically bring their coaching experiences to a coach supervisor to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and their coachees.

The purpose of coaching supervision is to serve the needs of the coach, coachee, and organisation; the supervision experience provides support for enhancing and sustaining coaching practice.

Supervision is a unique and critical component that supports and enables a coach to become and stay at their best.

The sessions provide the AoEC Practitioner Diploma Alumni with coaching supervision, for their self-development as coaches on one hand, and to sharpen their awareness of how to best work with their coaching clients on the other.

This programme is offered based on client needs and requests.


Coaching studies currently show that there is a lot of anxiety and doubt associated by inexperienced, as well as experienced coaches. Therefore, supervision will help you as a coach to:

  • Reduce anxiety and doubt associated with inexperience.
  • Acquire professional and personal support and reference point.
  • Give feedback and reflections on your coaching styles and approaches.
  • Exchange information, observations, and experiences.
  • Share learning from different experiences, approaches, models, and even techniques from other coaches.
  • Maintain quality standards and ethics, and help work through ethical dilemmas.
  • Facilitate your AoEC re-accreditation requirement of 1-hour supervision for 20 hours of coaching.
  • Reinforce peer support as a key factor for the transfer of learning in coaching.
  • Increase your range of interventions and tools, hence an opportunity to develop new coaching approaches.
  • Provide an opportunity to practice, reflect, action learning, deepening skills and broaden coaching perspective by exploring thematic coaching aspects.
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